Whether you already have dentures and need a replacement, or you are wondering if dentures might be an option for you, Pristine Dental can help. We want you to be well informed about all your denture treatment options.

One size does NOT fit all…

Believe it or not, there are many different types of dentures. Except for partial dentures, dentures replace a complete arch of missing teeth. It is not uncommon to have only an upper or lower denture. Some patients have both. When deciding if dentures are the best choice for you, we know all the choices and dental terminology can be confusing. Choosing the right dentures is an important decision and can affect your overall quality of life. We want to be here to offer information and guidance to ensure you are making the very best decision for you. Here is an overview of the various types of dentures available at Pristine Dental:

Immediate Dentures:

As their name implies, Immediate Dentures are delivered immediately following the removal of all existing dentition. Prior to delivery, we will take impressions of your remaining teeth, ensure there is sufficient bone structure to support a proper fit and discuss how you would like your new smile to look.

Immediate dentures are used while the gum tissue and bone heal following extractions. Because the gum tissue and bone will shrink during that body healing process, immediate dentures are not intended to be a permanent option for the best fit long-term. This does not make them any less important. Benefits of an immediate denture are:

  • Aid in the healing process by reducing post-extraction bleeding and swelling
  • Protecting the tender gum tissue
  • Aiding in development of proper speech patterns
  • Maintaining full facial structure
  • Ensuring proper nutrition by allowing you to eat solid food
  • Allowing public work/life routines without embarrassment

The typical life-span of an immediate denture is anywhere from six weeks to twelve months. At this time, you will be fitted for your complete denture.

There are some patients who are not good candidates for immediate dentures. During your ‘in the pink’ denture consultation we will review your general health and any oral health concerns that may indicate a different option for you.

Complete Denture

Sometimes referred to as a conventional denture, complete dentures are made and delivered once healing is complete after extractions.  Regardless of whether you had an immediate denture during the healing time, new impressions will be taken. From there we will create a try-in denture made from wax before fabricating your complete denture. Because we want to make sure you have the best fit possible, this process usually requires several visits with us to refine the mold that will be used to make your final complete denture.

Implant Supported Dentures

You may hear the term overdenture also because implant supported dentures fit over anchoring implants. If this is your first set of dentures or you’ve been wearing dentures for years, implant supported dentures deliver the best fit possible for optimal quality of life. Implant dentures help with:

  • Better digestion because you can chew your food more thoroughly
  • Reducing sores and tenderness from continued movement
  • Eliminating the need for adhesives
  • Eliminating embarrassing flapping or dislodgement
  • Decreasing long-term bone loss by continually stimulating growth
  • Maintaining proper facial structure

After removing a complete arch of natural teeth, the bone will natural shrink. This can make it difficult to maintain a proper fit for traditional dentures especially on the lower arch of your mouth. The upper arch uses suction to hold the denture in place.  There is not enough suction on the lower arch to create the same seal. Dental implants prevent long-term bone loss by mimicking the natural tooth root. They provide anchors for the denture for the best fit. Most patients with implant supported dentures find they can eat almost anything they want, even steak!

Most implant supported dentures fit securely right up against the gumline. This reduces the need for additional material that mimics gum tissue making them the most aesthetically pleasing denture choice as well.

Custom Dentures

At Pristine Dental, all our dentures are custom made for you. The term custom denture usually means the denture is made of premium material; looking most like natural teeth. We offer a variety of options when it comes to how your new denture will look. We will explain the benefits of all your choices and help you decide on the most cost-effective, cosmetically pleasing treatment choice.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures, as their name indicates are for patients who are not edentureless (missing all teeth). Partials replace missing teeth in a partial area of your upper or lower arch. Partials must be anchored to existing teeth with attachments or supported by dental implants. There are some partial dentures that fit like retainers with false teeth instead of wires. These are often referred to as dental flippers.

It’s all about the fit…

At Pristine Dental we use state of the art materials to deliver the most comfortable and best fitting dentures possible.  We offer the traditional acrylic, flexible palate resin (ValPlast™) and other framework options.

When deciding upon the right denture for you, fit is everything!  We are confident we offer premium treatment options for patients looking to replace missing teeth and have the confident smile of their dreams.

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