Orthodontics isn’t just for kids! Straightening your smile can prevent long-term dental concerns making orthodontic care perfect for adults as well. We offer multiple options to help straighten your smile. No matter what stage of life you’re in, we can help!

Here’s the line up…

Orthodontic treatment is the dental specialty that focuses on correcting what is known as malocclusion. Malocclusion occurs when the upper teeth do not perfectly align with the lower teeth when we bite together. Malocclusion is often but not always hereditary. Common conditions we can correct with orthodontic care are:

  • Overcrowding
  • Irregular spacing between teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Overbites
    • Class 1, slight overlap of upper teeth over lower teeth
    • Class 2 Retrognathism, severe overlap of upper jaw over lower jaw
  • Underbite (Class 3 Prognathism)
  • Crossbite
  • Extra, lost or impacted teeth
  • Jaw injury or trauma
  • Palate width and length
  • Bite issues resulting from cleft lip or cleft palate

But my teeth look straight…

Many patients we see have a smile that looks relatively straight. However, having a smile that appears straight is not the end goal of orthodontic care. The importance of orthodontic treatment is to obtain proper occlusion.  Proper occlusion is when the points of one molar tooth fit perfectly into the grooves of the opposing molar tooth when the bite is closed.  Proper occlusion is important for a variety of reasons. For example, when you are chewing, your upper teeth provide protection for your lips and cheeks while your lower teeth help to keep you from biting your tongue. For maximum protection of tender tissue, you want the ideal line up.

Proper occlusion affects our speech patterns.  It ensures normal wear of tooth enamel over time, prevents chipping and cracking of teeth and the development of long-term jaw issues.

I’m too old for braces…

There is no age limit on orthodontic treatment. Overcrowding and crooked teeth make it more difficult to maintain optimal oral health. It is harder to remove plaque and tarter with normal flossing and brushing. Over time, this leads to more cavities, gum disease and possible bone loss.  A properly aligned bite helps prevent future dental treatment and you’re never too old for prevention.

A normal result of aging is loss of facial volume and structure.  When we are missing teeth or suffer from jaw bone loss due to ongoing gum disease, it changes our facial framework. Orthodontic treatment helps keep the mouth in a healthier state and can restore a more voluminous appearance of the lip and cheek area. And you’re never too old to be healthier and look younger!

Trust the professionals…

Technology has given us the option to have pretty much anything delivered to our doorstep. Orthodontic treatment should not be one of them.  When you begin treatment to correct bite and tooth alignment conditions, it is important to be seen by your provider on a regular basis. At Pristine Dental, we recommend monthly check-ups.

At your regular orthodontic care appointment, we will closely monitor how your teeth are moving. We will take radiographs to see how the jaw is lining up.  And we spend extra time with you to review your home care routines. Our doctors’ partner with you to achieve optimal healthy mouth outcomes following your orthodontic treatment.  Mail order smiles cannot provide the personalized care you receive when seeing a provider face-to-face.  DIY your kitchen, leave your smile to the professionals at Pristine Dental!

What are my options for correcting my smile?

We have several options available for our patients. We take your age, individual needs and lifestyle into consideration when recommending treatment. We offer:

  • Invisalign™
  • Single wire retainers
  • Clear retainers

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