Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Whitening your teeth is the most affordable and quickest way to remove stains and unwanted discoloration and restore your bright, beautiful smile. At Pristine Dental we offer several teeth whitening options and would love to help you choose the best one for your smile.

Teeth Whitening is the most common dental cosmetic procedure. It is the fastest and most cost-effective way to improve the look of your smile.

The outer layer of your tooth called the enamel is what affects the natural color of your teeth. The enamel reflects light and depending on the thickness can allow the underlying layer called the dentin to show through. How much light is reflected and how much dentin shows through the enamel is what gives your teeth their natural color.

Depending on how porous your enamel is, and your lifestyle affects how much staining the enamel picks up over time.  And as we age, tooth enamel thins out and dentin gets darker which can also affect the brightness of your smile.

The most common staining culprits are:

  • Drinking dark liquids such as coffee, tea or cola
  • Drinking red wine
  • Tobacco use

Teeth whitening procedures are extremely effective at removing those surface level stains restoring your teeth to their natural color.

Is there any reason my teeth won’t get whiter?

Sometimes stains are beneath the surface, or inside the tooth in which case typical whitening procedures are not able to change the color. Tetracycline use during developmental years or previous trauma to a tooth can make a tooth look gray. Grey stains are not typically removed with traditional whitening treatment but can be corrected with other cosmetic procedures.

When the gumline recedes due to periodontal disease or bone loss the root of the tooth can become exposed. Typically, the root color is not the same as the rest of the tooth and can appear to have a yellowish stain. Whitening procedures unfortunately are not effective on the exposed area of a tooth root and therefore will not make them whiter.

If you have any dental restorations such as tooth colored fillings, veneers or crowns, whitening procedures will not change the color of those restorations.

Because whitening gel is applied to the surface area of the tooth it is always recommended that you have a dental cleaning prior to whitening. Getting your teeth cleaned will remove plaque and tarter build up that can prevent the whitening gel from reaching those areas and ensure optimal results.

Will my teeth be sensitive?

Many patients experience little to no sensitivity with whitening procedures. However, sensitivity during and after treatment is not uncommon either.

Each patient can experience different levels of sensitivity even using the same whitening product. This is one reason we recommend seeking professional dental care for your whitening treatment. We are able to determine potential sensitivity, offering pre and post treatment options to make  your whitening experience as comfortable as possible.

Are all whitening procedures the same?

No. Professional grade whitening treatments are different than those you can find over the counter. The active ingredient in most whitening products is either carbamide or hydrogen peroxide. It is the concentration or percentage of the active ingredient that determines their effectiveness.

Most over the counter products contain approximately 2% to 10% of the active ingredient while professional grade whitening treatments contain anywhere from 15% to 44%.

How fast will I see results?

That depends on the treatment option you choose.

  • In-office whitening procedures (Zoom™ and Venus™) deliver immediate results. You will see a brighter, whiter smile before you leave our office. Your teeth will continue to whiten over the following few days with final results around seven days after treatment.
  • Take-home whitening treatment takes a little longer to see the change but is equally as effective at reaching the same results.

How do I know which option is best for me?

We will help you determine the best whitening option for you depending on your timeframe, level of staining and desired results.

No matter which treatment option is best for you, professional grade whitening treatments are a fast and effective way of removing staining and discoloration leaving you with the brighter, healthier, and beautiful looking smile you’ve always wanted.

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